The future is electric – experience the fascination of electromobility with fahrvergnü!


As a platform for electromobility, fahrvergnü not only constantly provides informations on the latest trends and developments, but also acts as a full service mobility provider for businesses, communities and individuals. Comprehensive consulting services such as the planning of charging infrastructure and transport concepts as well as the implementation of carsharing concepts, the implementation of events and the provision of electric vehicles are being offered.

The electromobility experts Matthias Zawichowski and Alexander Simader, who are responsible for the platform fahrvergnü, have already developed energy strategies for around 300 Austrian municipalities together with their technical offices. Together with their colleagues and partners they deal with the planning and implementation of individual solutions in the field of electric mobility, which are based on renewable energy.

Whether communities, businesses or individuals – take advantage of the competence and expertise of fahrvergnü and inform yourself now for free and without obligation!


phone: Alexander Simader +43 676 529 52 76 or Matthias Zawichowski +43 676 750 90 22